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Recycled Paper Pencils & Paper Pens Combo

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  • Paper pencils: These unique pencils are wood-free and made from your daily newspaper! No Trees were harmed in the making of these pencils! Recycled Paper is tightly rolled around the graphite (lead) with super strength! These 100% eco-friendly 2B pencils are smooth to write with and easy to sharpen.
  • Paper pens: For those of us who still love writing by hand and want to stay eco friendly , now we can make a conscious choice by choosing these PAPER pens. They are made by rolling the RECYCLED paper around the refill! While the refill is still plastic, by using these PAPER pens tons of unrecyclable plastic that make the barrel of the pens can be eliminated!
  • Why News paper pencils/pens?
  • In India alone, we consume around 15-18 billion pencils each year and that comes at a grave cost of 7 Million trees annually.
  • These trees can be saved by repurposing old newspapers into pencils/pens
  • Approximately 1.8 billion plastic pens are tossed into trash annually! Paper pens are a step towards reducing this number.


Pack of 10 pencils & pack 4 seed pencils

Product Dimension

17.5 cm x 0.75 cm and 14.5 x 0.75 cm 


3 to 99 Years


Recycled paper


Made in India


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