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Life of Krishna (Part 1) - Board Game

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Life of Krishna is a board game that takes children on an adventurous journey through Krishna's life as they immerse themselves in exciting stories, play challenging games , and learn the value represented in the story.

  • Little Krishna took on every challenge in his life with a smile and always spread happiness.
  • Our little players will emulate the same cheer as they progress through the game.
  • fun play.
  • The idea is to impart the knowledge of Bhagavatha Purana and the values in an innovative way where learning is intuitive and unconscious .
  • Game board
  • Gameplay Book
  • Pouch with Om coins
  • Feet coins & numbered dice
  • White maze box & 2 marble balls
  • Palm basket, Little Krishna cutout
  • Illusion cube images (4)
  • Small colour patches (20)
  • Dice with images (3)
  • Flatpack pins (3 Blue, 3 Yellow)
  • Alertness cards (6)
  • Coloured Balls (2)
  • Golden Flute

Not suitable for children below 3 years as small game pieces are used


5+ years

  • Stories from baby Krishna’s life are weaved into a journey on the game board. Each player chooses his/her Krishna feet coin to travel through the life of Krishna. When you reach a story, play the game & earn OM coins.
  • The one with maximum Om points wins.
  • The winner gets the golden flute & becomes Krishna! You can choose to travel through every story block and play each game to completion if you have more time.
  • Number of Players : 1-5 This game can be played as a single or multi-player game. It is a family entertainer. The parent can explain the story & value to be learnt from each game to aid the learning process for the child

Plastic / Paper/ Cardboard 

Foam / Cloth


Made in India

Gurucool is on a mission to take ancient Indic Wisdom to young minds in fun and innovative ways. We combine storytelling, skills development and value learning into physical games that offers unlimited excitement and entertainment. Partner with Gurucool to enable unconscious and intuitive learning of Indic values in your children, while watching them stay away from their screens and glued to our games.