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Rs. 150.00

A little illustrated handbook with simple, everyday ideas towards a less messy world. Apart from providing ideas to go zero waste, this books also takes a brief look at the past to see what lessons we can learn from our earlier generations and how they were pretty effortlessly #zerowaste, even before it became a hashtag.

Pocket-sized (A6) handbook.


4+ years, with adult supervision

If you're getting a bit disgruntled at the state of our planet and wondering where to start, this book is for you. If you're already 'woke' and you carry your own bags, cutlery and #RefuseTheStraw, but some people STILL don't seem to get it - this book is the perfect gift for them.


This book will also take you down memory lane if you were born before the ‘90s when ‘Free Home Delivery’ probably meant the local kirana store would send someone home with your groceries.

It is also a great starting point to talk to your kids about how life was in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when we led simpler lives and consumed less stuff and threw out less too!

Together with the Let’s Talk Trash: Kids’ Activity Book, these make for great gifts.

Pocket-sized and handy; makes for a great gift for kids and adults who will enjoy simple the illustrations

Pass it on once you’re through with the book encourage people to borrow it!

It’s made with love, so handle with love!!

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