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10% OFF on your First Purchase, use code FIRSTBUY
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Tiger Trail - Central India Edition Jungle Wildlife Safari Adventure Board Game

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Take a break from your city life and dive deep into the wilderness of the Central Indian forest! Children know about the Tiger and some wild animals like Bear and Leopard, but rarely do they come across animals like Pangolins and the interesting facts about their life in the jungle! Here’s a chance to meet them in the comfort of your home and become a wildlife expert in a fun-filled way! Experience the Mystique of the Majestic Tiger!

The big cat is one of the most intriguing predators in the jungle and has been known for its power, personality, and physical features since its existence. Besides all the glorious facts about this beautiful animal, it is sad that only ~3900 remain in the wild owing to hunting, illegal trading, and increasing captivity. We are a bunch of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers who deeply care about the survival and better life of the big cat family, which encouraged us to bring you this thrilling board game that will transport you to the habitat of the mighty Tigers!  

Key Features

  • Why play: Disconnect from the digital world, tune into nature, learn about Africa’s wildlife right on your table, and bond over a board game, like the good old days
  • About the game: A Parent’s Choice-Recommended, award-winning board game, in which players go on a safari through the dense forests of Central India, introducing you to unknown facts about the big cat and the wildlife that resides alongside them.
  • Learn with fun: Players can also quiz the other players about wild animals, which helps improve memory, decision making, cognitive agility, observation, and concentration, improve math skills 


1 Game Board, 55 Game Cards,1 Dice, 4 Jeep Pawns and Playguide


6 years and above


Detailed How to play included in the Box. Points-based game, played with 4 pawns, 1 dice, and 55 animal sighting cards. Experience elements of a real safari such as sharing experiences, sighting clues such as chirping birds, which make the game more exciting and fun. Rare sightings and faster exit mean more points!




Adult supervision is recommended for children below 3 years of age -Pictures are for representation only. Game specifications and components are subject to change without notice


Made in India


The Nestery introduces, Kaadoo, meaning forest in a few South Indian languages, a homegrown tabletop games brand. They conceptualize, design, and develop nature and wildlife-themed games to bring the wonders of our planet close to home in an entertaining, educational, and engaging way. They are very proud of being a ""100% Made in India"" company."