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Star Struck

Rs. 499.00

Are you a true-blue lion who loves being in charge? A dreamy-eyed fish who lives in an alternate universe? Or a strong-willed bull who’s tardy, but determined?

Go on this zodiac adventure to discover what the stars say about your personality traits.

Lavanya Karthik takes readers on a delightful journey through the twelve astrological signs in this book written in verse.

With sparkling illustrations by Abhilasha Dewan and Lavanya Karthik, and art direction by Pooja Dhingra, this book celebrates the glorious galaxy of human nature.


7 To 9 Years


Karadi Tales is an independent children’s publishing house based in Chennai, India focusing primarily on picture books and audiobooks. It was started in 1996 with an intent to create a space for Indian culture in the world of children’s publishing, by a group of writers, educators and musicians.


Made in India