Smash the Barrier Kathas

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Product name: Smash the Barrier Kathas

Product description
1. Flying High: Meet Suni Pandya, a girl who wanted to fly ... a girl who, with her sheer determination and hard work, reached for the stars!
2. Lachmi's War: The evil asura Tobakachi wants to rule the world by not educating girls. But Lachmi knows better than to give in to his wicked plan.
3. Choo…mantar!: Jivuba wants to become a singer but she cannot because she has to get married. Luckily, Dammu, the wise apsara of the forest, casts a spell to remedy the situation! But what happens when the spell breaks?
4. One Magical Morning: When Jishnu asks for a son from the Sun God, he does not expect to get pregnant himself! Read this book to know how Jishnu’s pregnancy begins to change him and his village.

Box contains: 4 books

Age guidance: 6+ years