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Rs. 670.00

Product name: Toddler Kathas

Product description
1. One Lonely Unicorn: An innovative book that introduces the concept of numbers through a story. Children will love the unicorn and her many animal friends! Through this song, you can make up lots of funny and nice things about unicorns.
2. Polar Bear: An adorable tale about a most unlikely friendship, and a perfect prezzie for the little ones!
3. Ball Heaven: Do you know where all the balls being tossed finally go? Join the journey of one such ball to an intriguing new world. The book can be read at various levels. In a very subtle manner it tells that you
need to find peace from within.
4. The Dust Storm: Surge and soar and swirl and roar with a little friend and the dust storm as they take you along for a magical ride across the skies. Perky pictures, catchy
rhyme, foot-tapping rhythm and some fantastical creatures waiting to jump into the adventure, it’s a fun read all the way!
5. Guess Who?: This is a song that most of us have sung as children. Katha brings this old favourite back to life, with words that resonate in English. Enjoy! Comes with a beautiful poster for singalong sessions in classrooms.

Box contains: 5 books

Age guidance: 2+ years