Tagore's Kathas

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Product name: Tagore's Kathas

Product description
1. The Friday Fair: Here comes a timeless poem by one of the greatest poets of all times. Swinging in rhyme and rhythm, this
poem unfurls vividly to create a kaleidoscope of colours, smells and sounds. A sure keep-for-ever book!
2. The Champa Flower: What if a child decides to be a champa flower? Can anyone tell that it is him? From India’s greatest poet and
storyteller comes this charming and perky poem that will surely lead to a fun round of hide-and-seek. A timeless treasure. Enjoy!
3. The Astronomer: Have you ever tried to catch the moon? Is the moon really that far away? A curious little girl really doesn’t think so, but her elder brother keeps telling
her otherwise! Can she convince him? Find out as she shares a delightful dialogue with her Dada. Another timeless gem from Gurudev.
4. The Little Big Man: The Little Big Man shows what it’s like for a child to wear his father’s shoes, to grow up and assume adult responsibilities. Tagore’s magic exercised one more time, with this one. Through the eyes of a child, a poetic ideal!
5. Clouds and Waves: An endearing poem of a child who refuses tempting invitations, instead staying with her mother at playtime, blissful in her company. Words woven with great tenderness by the greatest
poet of all times, a gentle verse for all the little ones.

Box contains: 5 books

Age guidance: 2+ years