Muse with Katha - 1

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Product name: Muse with Katha - 1

Product description
1. The Princess with the Longest Hair: This is the fascinating story of a princess who has the longest and the most beautiful hair in the whole kingdom. Read on to find out about her journey to the mountains and all the
people and animals whose lives she touches on the way.
2. The Elephant in the Tree: With its quirky characters, unusual use of language and skilful blending of fantasy and reality, this is a lovely story of Mahi who finds a seven-trunked elephant in the tree and journeys with him to a new world that will change her life forever. This delightfully illustrated story shows us how each one of us, like Mahi, is also capable of great little miracles.
3. Ma Ganga and the Razai Box: A delightful story that combines mythology and contemporary thought. The book weaves environmental concerns like pollution, soil erosion and desertification, with mythology.

Box contains: 3 books

Age guidance: 6+ years