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Compact Carrier - Ziggy

by Kol Kol
Rs. 3,000.00


True to its name, this carrier is super-light, weighing less than 600 grams, folds small but makes no compromises when it comes to comfort.

Compact baby carrier made from 100% woven cotton - pure and breathable natural fabrics that are comfortable in any weather.


6 months to 48 months (7 – 20 kgs). Baby should be at least 70 cm (27 in) tall.


Kol Kol started in a living room in Delhi in 2014. They are an Indian company: they design, source, make and test in India. Their personalised involvement and care start right at the point of supply. They source only pure cotton directly from weavers to ensure that they receive full and proper compensation.

Kol Kol nestles your baby just like how you would carry them in your arms. Your baby is comfortable, it’s less of a strain on your back and your hands are freed up to deal with everything else. Carrying your child this way promotes bonding and enables easy, discreet breastfeeding anywhere. There are also many studies which show that carried babies sleep, feed and develop better, and cry significantly lesser.