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| Taking orders | Covid-19 Updates Click-here | Free shipping |

Hunt The Constellations - An Innovative Activity Calendar

by Litjoys
Rs. 699.00

An Innovative Learning Activity Environment Calendar with Stickers (Designed to be used starting from any month of the year)

  • Helps children learn about calendar related concepts, numbers & constellations, fall in love with nature & become aware of other environmental conditions (weather, air quality, etc).
  • Through this activity calendar, children will be able to hunt for 12 different constellations and learn about pattern recognition and numbers in an exciting and innovative way.
  • Children will be able to learn about many calendar related concepts like weeks, months, dates, festivals, etc using sticker sheets.
  • It will connect them to nature and enhance their observation skills through collecting and pasting flowers blooming in different months throughout the year.
  • It will also help them become more aware about nature related concepts like the seasons, different weather types and air quality of their city.

5 – 10 years

  • Product ships from Gurgaon
  • Delivers to most large cities in 2-5 days
  • For smaller cities, delivers in 4-8 days