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Merry The Elephant'S Paper Plane

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Merry the Elephant has made a paper plane at school today! She can’t wait to decorate it with glitter paints and stickers. ✨

On the way back home, Merry bumps into her friend, Rino the Rhino. He tries to fly the plane but the wind suddenly blows it away!

The children chase after it as it passes a bakery and a beauty salon, heading towards Langur’s Fruit Market. 🍰🍌 Oh, they need to be more careful while navigating a bustling street!

But try as they might, they cannot find the little paper plane. 😔

Merry is upset but knows these things happen sometimes. Will her patience be rewarded?

This charming story helps children explore themes such as places in one’s neighbourhood and road safety.



2+ Years


Ms Moochie Books is an independent publishing house. They publish contemporary Indian books for children. What sets them apart is their unique story → book process. All new stories are taken to classrooms by storytellers. Feedback from the children is passed on to the author. She makes changes. This loop is iterated till the children give the story an emphatic thumbs up, after which the book is made. This allows them to actively involve the reader, i.e the child, in the making of the book.


Made in India