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Rs. 475.00

DESCRIPTION: A set of 6 books from Pratham and Tulika for older children that encourage and discuss sustainability, because we need to "start them young".

AGE GUIDANCE: 6-9 years

1. A SHADE OF GREEN: The air in the city is grey and polluted. Nayantara and Aliza feel suffocated. They dream of leaves that work day and night to produce oxygen and clean energy. Can they invent a leaf that does all that.

2. THE RED FAIRY: Little Meeto dreams about cars and knows everything about them. One day she meets Red Fairy, a car that can do things that no other car can.

3. THE SEED SAVERS: Without seeds there would be no food to eat or clothes to wear. Inspired by a real-life event, this is the story of a village that comes together to open a seed bank.

4. A STITCH IN TIME: First a ripped shirt and then a faulty iron box. The day has just begun for Shyam. With everything going wrong one after the other Shrisha takes him to a Repair Mela where you can fix almost anything.

5. I WILL SAVE MY LAND: Mati pesters her grandmother and father for her own plot of land in the big field. When she does get it, she works hard. And then she hears that a company wants to make a coal mine in their village – the enormous black pit that will eat up all their lands, like it has in the next village. As always, Rinchin powers her questions through irresistible storytelling. The little girl’s anxiety about losing her land to “a monster machine” cuts close to the heart as it takes head-on an issue that is ravaging tribal Chhattisgarh, where this story is set, and every other place where there is ‘development’ at a cost. The earthy tones of the illustrations take us straight into the fields, while strong lines etch out the determination of two feisty females – Mati and her Ajji – who will not give in.

6. OUT OF THE WAY! OUT OF THE WAY!: A dusty path runs through a village where people and animals keep walking up and down, up and down. Others, on faster feet and wheels, shout 'Out of the way, out of the way'. In a simple lyrical way, the author subverts commonly held views on environment and development by showing simultaneously the growth of a wide-spreading tree and a busy winding road, with each making room for the other. Pictures looking almost like embroidery charmingly blend styles to give this allegorical tale a timeless feel. (AWARDS: 2013: Outstanding International Book, United States Board on Books for Young People, USA)