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Rs. 320.00

DESCRIPTION: A set of 6 books from Pratham and Katha for older children that encourage and satiate curiosity about a range of topics.

AGE GUIDANCE: 6-9 years

1. EYE CAN SEE: Chanda Tinku and Motu visit a laboratory and look through different lenses. They see distant stars as well as miniscule stuff up close. Lets take a look through these lenses.

2. THE BODY BUILDERS: Vava is amazed that his little sister knew how to make her hair, her lungs and her ever-growing legs when she was in Ammas belly. Join him as he explores how the millions of cells inside us grow and build our bodies.

3. FLYING HIGH: Meet Suni Pandya, a girl who wanted to fly … a girl who, with her sheer determination and hard work, reached for the stars.

4. PANIPURI INSIDE A SPACESHIP: Chikki is fussy about food. She dislikes mooli paratha because she thinks it smells. She wants to explore space. But she wonders if she will get pizza, panipuri and ice cream in a spaceship. Join Chikki and Ninu for lunch as they discuss what astronauts eat while on a mission and why.

5. FIRE! FIRE!: Ana misses Goa. But she finds her new home fascinating. Everything seems so different in noisy Mumbai. In some tall buildings, she sees speakers and showers. Strange! They don’t ever come on until…

6. TELEPHONES: BELL TO CELL: When Alexander Graham Bell first invented the phone, there were only two in the entire town! Now, nearly everyone has a cell phone. Flip through this book and find out how the telephone evolved – from Bell to cell.