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The Dino T-Shirt Playbag

Rs. 1,099.00

The OriOri Bag for the Naturalist collection, to help you connect with your little one by nurturing the nature lover in them.

A complimentary Rakhi added for celebrating Rakshabandhan!

The Dino OriOri Playbag contains:

  1. A dino t-shirt
  2. A colourable DIY world map
  3. Sketch pens
  4. Dinosaur stickers that tell you the Dino's home country or continent

At the end of the exercise, your little one will know about countries and continents, the names of some unique dinosaurs (did you know the Mixosaurus dino lived in the ocean?), use their gross + fine motor motor skills and develop further their artistic sense!

But most importantly, the Dino Bag is made just so you have moment to connect with your little one and enjoy an open dialogue.


2 to 7 years

  • Product ships from New Delhi
  • Delivers to most large cities in 2-5 days
  • For smaller cities, delivers in 4-8 days