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Susu Pals

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Rhea and Dia are two best pals - the I braid your hair you braid mine pals, the lets match our chaddis pals, the just us forever and ever pals.

What happens to this friendship, when Isha moves in next door to them? Do they become three best pals? The Susu Pals is a rollicking ride through the crazy zany friendship of two not three soul mates.

Paperback Dimensions -13.97 x 13.97 x 0.91 cm

Pages - 32


4+ Years


Pickle Yolk Books is a new independent publishing house based in the New Delhi Capital Region, India. They are driven by their unbridled passion to create picture books in English that make the readers smile, laugh, ponder, reflect and arrive at their own eureka moment. With universal themes and contemporary Indian settings, our books weave childhood’s eclectic patchwork of joys, challenges and personal triumphs. Humour, subtle or overt, remains an underlying given.


Made in India