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The Middle

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The Middle is the story of azma’s journey from being an insatiable reader to becoming a contemplative writer. And through the course of this restless quest, she fights, in her head, the dark, formidable demons of taunting part-truths. Eva Sanchez Gomez creates a visual world which is at once intense and menacing, as it is calming and quieting while Richa Jha’s lyrical text brings out Azma’s disquiet within and the unease outside. Together, they have birthed a book that is an achingly beautiful tribute to any soul-searching creative process.


7+ Years


Pickle Yolk Books is a new independent publishing house based in the New Delhi Capital Region, India. They are driven by their unbridled passion to create picture books in English that make the readers smile, laugh, ponder, reflect and arrive at their own eureka moment. With universal themes and contemporary Indian settings, our books weave childhood’s eclectic patchwork of joys, challenges and personal triumphs. Humour, subtle or overt, remains an underlying given.


Made in India