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The Animal Kingdom Construction Set - 7 DIY Animals

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  • Kattoos DIY Animal Kingdom Construction Pack provides a way for children to create animals using clay bricks of different geometric shapes.
  • Creating with Kattoos would improve spatial intelligence, catalysing a practical understanding of how 3D objects fit together.
  • It would also introduce the builder to the basic anatomy of the animals.
  • Putting together the animals will require perseverance and patience on the part of the builder. As well as focus to follow the instructions given as closely as possible.
  • No wonder then that at the end of the project, the builder may be bursting with a sense of pride and achievement!
232 Miniature Terracotta Bricks Glue Tube Instruction Manual
Ages 4 and above
  • The Animals can be built with the Kattoos bricks by refering to the given manual in the pack or scanning the QR Codes (given in the manual) leading to online video of How-to-build tutorials.
  • These 100% natural, re-usable terracotta bricks can be a child's delight or a professional architect's aid in creating models and prototypes.
  • Kattoos can leave a fine residue as you create. This is a natural quality of the eco-frirendly product and not a defect.
  • Apply a mild glue to stick the bricks together. To reuse the bricks, gently prise apart the and peel off the dried glue.
  • For creating long lasting structures, use a paste made with flour (maida) and water as motar to cement the bricks together.

Made in India

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