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Animal Combo

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Here is a set of 9 books by Pratham, curated by The Nestery, that explore the fun world of animals!


1. AMBILI: Ambili was just four days old when it began to rain heavily. She hid herself under her mother’s tummy. An elephant baby and scared of the rains! Read all about how she learnt to love the rain.

2. DID YOU HEAR?: Listen carefully and you will find that birds have a lot to say.

3. GHUM-GHUM GHARIALA'S GLORIOUS ADVENTURE: Ghum-Ghum Gharial is out on her very first swim when she realizes that her family has swum off without her. Will she find them? Swim along the river Ganga with Ghum-Ghum and meet many amazing creatures along the way!

4. INKU CHOMPS GOBBLES AND SLURPS: Flying food, crawling food, hopping food—no food is too crazy for Inku. Join Inku on her food adventures.

5. SATYA WATCH OUT!: Jump and crawl and climb with Satya as he goes along with Amma to the farm where she works. A story about the different and wonderful ways in which we move.

6. THE POTTERING PIG: Lalita is the pet pig of Mini Singh the potter. She is a naughty pig and is always in trouble. One day, Mini finds all his beautiful pots broken, and blames Lalita. Find out what happens next. This story is inspired by a real-life pig who lives in Pune with a real-life potter.

7. WATCH OUT! THE TIGER IS HERE!: When a tiger moves through the forest, all the animals and birds know! Listen to the different alarm calls that warn everyone in the forest that the tiger is here.

8. WILD CAT! WILD CAT!: Meet the different wild cats of India.

9. YAKITY YAK: What do you call a Yak who talks too much? Yakity Yak of course! Read this charming tale about Yakity and his friends.


1 - 5 years


Pratham Books is a nonprofit publisher introducing children to the joy of reading. Since 2004, they have been creating engaging storybooks in multiple languages and formats to help children discover the joy of reading – in languages they can understand, set in locations they can recognise, featuring characters with whom they can identify, and telling stories that capture their attention and fuel their imagination.


Made in India