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Description: Reality check combo is a set of 5 books that cover hard hitting topics, for older children.

Age Description: Level-3,4 (7-11 years)

1. Freedom Run: In the Mirzapur and Bhadohi districts of Uttar Pradesh, in many tiny villages, small children work long hours at the looms to create carpets famous around the world for their intricate designs. This is a story about the forgotten children of India.
2. Mission Cycle: Noorain is eager to learn cycling so that she can win a race against her best friend Wasim. But Noorain’s Mission Cycle is complicated by C-U-R-F-E-W in her city.
3. A Helping Hand: There’s a new girl in class and our teacher has asked me to be her friend and show her around. But I’m not sure I want to - she’s... not like the rest of us! A fascinating tale of friendship and fitting in, which tells its story through letters.
4. The Mystery of a cyber friend: Shree loves learning new things on the computer. It has games and it has social media sites! She is thrilled to make a new friend on one such site. But is this friend lying to her? Find out for yourself in this cyber-thriller.
5. Behind the lie: Valli and Ramesh live under a cloud of fear because of their father, who has a frightening temper. Will things ever change for them? A story about domestic violence, grit and hope.