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Description: STEM combo is a set of 5 books apt for introducing science concepts.

Age Description: 3-7 years

1. Cube cat, Cone cat: The cat in this book loves shapes. Have fun following the cat and his little friend and look at all the shapes that they see.
2. A cup of cha: When Meera peers into a teacup, she discovers a whole new world of science.
3. Sailing ships sinking spoons: Tenzin and Tashi, two young Tibetan monks, and Genla, the beloved storyteller of the monastery, wonder why a small steel spoon sinks in water but a huge ship floats. Their science teacher Miss Sonam helps them experiment with an apple, a spoon and a tub-full of water to learn more about objects that float.
4. The Magic block: Bhaiya’s special pen rolls under the bed. Rinky tries to get it back but she can’t reach it! Will a little black block be able to help her?
5. How heavy is heavy: A stone is heavier than a feather and lighter than a rock. So is the stone heavy or is it light? Can we know for sure how heavy (or light) a stone is? Find answers to these and other fascinating questions in this fun book about weight.