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The Nameless God

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God hadn’t done right by them. Noor had concentrated hard at Fakir Baba’s dargah, Bachchu had prayed desperately at the Ganesh temple. But God favoured the toppers. Again. Maybe He was drowning in prayers from too many kids.

Noor and Bachchu come up with a brilliant plan—they would create a God who knows only them, and no other children, and so has no option but to grant their wishes. Thus they create their own nameless God. And you know what? The plan works!

The very next day, God performs his first miracle—a day off from school.

Unaware that the Babri Masjid has been destroyed, sparking communal violence across the country, they go out to thank their God but get caught in the riots. Can the nameless God save them?

In a world polarised along religious lines, The Nameless God offers a vision of another way of being. This powerful and moving story of friendship and understanding brings home the pointlessness of the invisible boundaries created by different faiths.


9 - 16 years


Savie Karnel


Made in India


Red Panda is the children's imprint of Westland Publications Pvt. Ltd, and Amazon Company.