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Indsight Cards - Gods Series

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DESCRIPTION: ‘IndSight’ cards, are a great way to take your child across the fabric of India and unveil its lush details layer by layer. These cards can be mixed and matched to be used in multiple ways.

They grow with the child over the years.

  • Read them aloud to your 3 year olds and inspire curiosity.
  • At 5 years of age, help them read and boost their vocabulary.
  • From 7 years and onwards help them learn and encourage them to think laterally.

The cards are travel friendly and make great gifts! Each set includes stories and interactive games which makes engaging with the cards so much more fun!

The God’s pack introduces kids to six of the most powerful and eminent deities in Hinduism - Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna,Shiva, Ganesh and Hanuman.

AGE: 3 years to 7+ years

CONTENTS: Set of 36 cards