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Wobbly Penguin - Roly Poly Toys For Toddlers

Rs. 799.00

Wobbly penguin roly-poly toy for baby, in a black suit, that teaches your baby about balance and evokes curiosity as it provides hours of entertainment.

What I get:

A penguin that wobbles all the way from the Arctic and rolls but never falls down no matter how often it is pushed.

How to play?

Keep it at a short distance for invoking interest from your baby learning to crawl.

Keep moving it out of reach every time and watch your little one speed up their motor reflexes.

Encourage the baby to push it so it wobbles on its base and watch them giggle and laugh.

  • Roly-poly little rounded penguin that stands right back up as quickly as they are pushed down.
  • Skillset: Helps develop sensory and curiosity skills for your little one.
  • Handcrafted, 100% eco-friendly wood & natural materials, non-toxic, child safe. No batteries, no plastic.

1 - 3 Years