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Bird Shadows

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The act of inserting the birds into the wooden envelope improves the child's fine motor skill and dexterity as the child attempts to pair the correct wooden envelope with the pictures, it improves their short term memory, ability to abstract and visual discrimination skills all the wooden envelopes are painted in the same colour, so the child can only go by the shape of the picture and no other visual cue to pair the correct picture with the envelope

Key Features

  • Birds are fascinating creatures for children because of their ability to fly. That's what makes this toy so enjoyable for them.
  • When they pair the bird images to their respective shadows, they get curious to know that shapes are not only associated to physical objects but also to images or illustrations. This indicates that shape is an abstract property of any object. C
  • hildren also learn the names of these ten birds and get interested in knowing more about them.

Note: Small parts! Please ensure adult supervision at all times.


Set includes a partitioned high tray with handles, 10 bird cards with 10 wooden envelopes and a detailed instruction manual all packed in a beautiful Skola Doodle box.


19(H) cm x 14 (L) cm x 13 (W) cm


3 years and above






The Nestery presents Skola, a brand of toys created by a team which has extensive experience in the early education sector, making learning products that enhance children’s development. They have supplied high-quality educational materials to more than 10,000 schools across the globe for over 25 years. They have also been successful in providing relevant insight in this field with the help of their extensive research and observations over the years.