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6 In 1 DIY Art And Craft Kit - Grade-PreNursery (1.5 Years+)

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Current price Rs. 969.00

The Sparklebox Visual art and craft book is a fun and interesting learning activity book for children age 1.5 years and above. The book contains 8 fun and engaging activities that provide the kids with extra help in developing creativity and life skills. Makes it easier for the kids to understand the look and feel of the canvas as the activities involve painting with brushes, cotton, leaves, etc.

  • The book is colourful and age-appropriate design.
  • Art & Craft teaches children how to interpret, analyse, evaluate, and use visual information to make choices.
  • Art & Craft is a significant component in preschool. It allows the child to create, explore, and discover the world around them.
  • Additionally, it also helps children to build problem-solving skills, decision making, socio-emotional skills, and fine motor skills.
  • Engaging your child in Art & Craft related activities from a very young age will help to improve eye-hand coordination.



How to Play

1. Includes 8 Creative And Crafty Fun Activities
2. Skills enhanced: Develops pincer grip and hand movements, creativity and imagination, sensory integration, develop a sense of pattern creation, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills.
3. Defined outcomes & age appropriate: To understand the expected learning at the end of the chapter
4. Introductory manual into the arts, music, and theatre: The QR code is an amazing feature, which opens up the book to have audio and video along with the text. As a teacher, the reader also anyone can easily pick it up and spend their day with it.
5. Activity based: To keep students engaged and involved and to show a connection with the real world.


L=32 W=23 H=5.9 (All in CM)
1.5+ Years
Made in India
The Nestery presents Sparklebox, home to the best educational kits for kids. The brand is the brainchild of alumni of the IITs and IIMs, who have understood the learning requirements of children, across different ages and educational levels, and have designed a unique learning approach for each, filled with fun and learning.