Sugam Diaper Cover - Robby

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Age: 3 months onwards up to 3 years (one-size)Weight: 3 – 15 kgs (one-size fits most)Type: Diaper Cover with snaps to attach the insertMaterial: Waterproof, breathable PUL with double gussetsSpecial features: Convenient and economical diapering solution....

Age: 3 months onwards up to 3 years (one-size)
Weight: 3 – 15 kgs (one-size fits most)
Type: Diaper Cover with snaps to attach the insert
Material: Waterproof, breathable PUL with double gussets
Special features: Convenient and economical diapering solution. Just change the insert, wipe the diaper cover and reuse.
Use with: staydry inserts, prefolds or flats. Can also be used as a swim diaper without inserts. 
Wash care: Machine wash or hand wash. Do NOT use fabric softener

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