UNO Reusable cloth diaper - Festoon

Rs. 890.00

Product Name: UNO Reusable cloth diaper with 2 Organic Cotton dry feel soakers [Day & Night Use]- Festoon
Age: 3 months- 3 years
Weight: 5 kg- 17 kg
Type: All in One cloth diaper- UNO
Material used: Soft Waterproof diaper shell with microfleece lining with a pocket at back + 2 inserts (One certtified organic cotton soaker with dry feel layer + 1 certified organic cotton booster)
Box Contains: One Freesize diaper shell + One dry feel organic cotton soaker + organic cotton booster
Dimensions: 6x4x4 inches
Prep Instructions: One wash prep organic cotton all in one diaper
Weight: 166 gm
How to use:

STEP 1: ALWAYS wash the diaper atleast once before use using detergent

Skipping this step CAN CAUSE leaks.

STEP 2: ALWAYS size diaper before use using the front panel of snaps.

There are 12 snaps in front meant for reducing size. The size must be such that there are NO GAPS around the thigh. It fits from 5-17 kg.

A loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies.

Watch how to size your diaper here

STEP 3: Use 1 soaker (attached) if you want the diaper to last for lesser hours and 2 soakers if you want it to last 7-8+ hours.
Size: Free Size
Print: Festoon