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Climate and Culture Combo (Pack of 2)

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Climate and environmental issues affect all of us—but often the most affected are the voices least heard. This beautifully illustrated pair of books acknowledges the key role that ecology plays in the lives of India's indigenous peoples—and honours the pivotal role their way of life has long played in safeguarding the delicate balance of nature in India, as well as what we call 'Indian art and culture'.

The traditional lessons of these forest- and wildlife-adjacent cultures are what global experts are trying to teach us now... But they have known the right way to co-exist with the natural world all along, for centuries.   

1. Tree Matters: The Bhil people of Central India are amongst the country’s oldest indigenous communities. To them, the natural world is not ‘a thing apart’, but exists in a seamless relationship to their home and the everyday. Gangu Bai, a Bhil artist, explores this relationship through her memories and paintings of food, work, festivals, illness, medicine… Her tales centres around trees, and so each of her memories has a tree as its focus. Illustrated in vivid and cheerful colours, the paintings in this book foreground a universe of brightly coloured dots, lines and shapes that encompasses all living beings, big and small and wise and wonderful. Written by Gangu Bai, ISBN 9789383145232, 44 pp.

2. Water: "Did we take more than our due?” Weaving his tale around a Gond fable about water, artist Subash Vyam muses on the history of our relationship to this most primeval of elements. A migrant to the city, he recalls growing up in a village where water was always scarce and human ingenuity was welcomed. In contrast to the village, the needs of the city are monstrous and there is a great danger that we will run this resource completely dry. In the end, there is only one way forward: all communities need to make a pact with Nature in order to survive — or in our mindless push to harness her powers, we might lose our own place in this universe. Written by Subhash Vyam, ISBN 9789383145614, 40 pp.

Contains: 2 books

Format: Paperback


12 years onwards






The Nestery presents Tara Books is an independent publishing house started in 1994 by Gita Wolf. Tara Books is particularly well-known for their screen-printed books made entirely by hand — from the paper to the printing and binding. Design is an integral part of the books — not decoration or embellishment, but basic to how a book creates meaning. An integral part of Tara Book’s publishing is a pioneering engagement with the rich diversity of Indian folk and tribal art. Over a period of 20 years, they have brought a range of such artists into the book form for the first time. Apart from individual books, Tara has also won prestigious awards including the London Book Fair International Publishing Industry Excellence Award, 2014 and the Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher (Asia Region), 2013.

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