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Continents - Around The World with Zayn & Zoey (Set of 6 Books)

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Have you ever wondered how delicious chocolate is made from a bitter cacao bean? Or paper from the wooden bark of a tree? How does sweet sugar come from a plant? Or what goesFrom language to culture, natural beauty to monuments, flora to fauna, food to festivals, sports to music and dance ‰ÛÒ each country of the world is unique in every aspect. Through stories, adventures, fames and school projects, join Zayn and Zoey as they learn about the continents of the world!

This set includes 6 books:

  1. Zayn & Zoey Learn about Australia and New Zealand
  2. Zayn & Zoey Explore Asia
  3. Zayn & Zoey Tour Europe
  4. Zayn & Zoey Discover Africa
  5. Zayn & Zoey Take a Trip to South America
  6. Voyage to North America with Zayn & Zoey

3 years and above


Made in India


Zayn and Zoey are curious twins who are fascinated by the wonderful world we live in. They love asking questions and are always excited to learn about the things they see around them. Their mum is a pilot, busy flying people around the globe, while dad‰۪s a photographer ‰ÛÓ often traveling to exotic, unexplored places to capture them on his camera. Their parents‰۪ professions give Zayn and Zoey the opportunity to travel across the world and learn about new places and things Join the twins in their adventures to discover how the world works.


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