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Spinner Match Combo - Seasons Match, Senses Match, Vehicle Match

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Vehicle Match VROOM VROOM! Vehicles are the most exciting machines that children encounter from an early age. But there are so many types!

  • Zayn & Zoey’s Vehicle Match game brings to you an exciting way to categories all of them into the three modes of transport – Air, Water and Land.
  • Spin the wheel and match the vehicle with its mode.
  • Simple yet attractive graphics and effortless design makes the game an interesting one!
  • SEASONS MATCH Different seasons, different attributes, numerous things to associate with each!
  • What better way than learning all through a game?
  • Zayn & Zoey’s Seasons Match game offers exactly the same – an interesting way for a child to learn about the 5 seasons (Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter, Spring) and the things that go with each – clothes, food, weather, things to do, colours, etc.
  • The game is designed in a way that is intuitive as well as attractive to enable easy understanding and quick reinforcement of concepts.
  • SENSES MATCH Everything we feel and understand about the world around us is because of our 5 senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.
  • The sense organs are our way to communicate and interact with the world.
  • Zayn & Zoey’s Senses Match game brings to you an interesting and fun way to identify the functions of each sense organ.
  • The game designed in a fun way that enables easy understanding and association of objects with the respective senses.
3+ yrs
2 to 4 players

Made in India