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Vehicles - Theme Activity Box

Rs. 899.00

Vroom! Vroom! The Car goes zoom. Explore the different modes of transportation while learning shapes and colours, road signs, road discipline and driving through the city with your own bus! Oh yes, along with it craft a hot air balloon and a rocket to wander off in the deep blue skies.


34 cms x 24 cms x 5 cms


  • Have fun with stickers - There are three picture sheets for different modes of transport and a sticker sheet with different vehicles. Identify the vehicle and put the sticker on the correct sheet.
  • Match the shapes : Eight different shapes. Velcro dot puzzle activity. Match the shapes to the shapes on the cars.
  • Match the colours : Eight colours. A sticker activity. Match the colour to the car€™s colours.
  • Hot Air Balloon and Rocket Craft : Put together the craft materials provided and create a rocket and hot air balloon as per the instructions provided.
  • Reusable Worksheets : These cover all relevant road safety rules for kids in attractive colorful images along with importance of different kings of vehicles like Ambulance, Construction vehicles etc.
  • Wheels on the Bus : A modeling craft activity to be used as pretend play. Kids will craft a bus and drive it down the road map provided. Learn the basic road signs alongside!

CATUION : Small Parts involved. Adult supervision is required.


2.5years +


Paper and Cardboard