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Natural Nipple Butter

Rs. 299.00

DESCRIPTION: This nipple butter cream from The Moms Co range of mom essentials safe skin care is ideal for breastfeeding moms and helps combat the soreness or cracked nipples that come as your baby tugs and pulls to feed.

Made safe, non-lanolin and non-fragrant combination of oils and waxes that help soothe sore and cracked nipples with a rich combination of oils and waxes that heals and repairs cracked skin.

Made with completely safe and natural ingredients, you'll never need to worry about washing before breastfeeding your baby.

Whether you are using a breastfeeding milk pump or are feeding with a breastfeeding pillow, this nipple butter is all you need. Painless and non-greasy for use with breastfeeding bra, nipple pad and nipple shield too.

Natural and vegan body butter made with a perfect blend of powerful and nurturing plant oil and waxes.

MADE FROM: Calendula Oil, Vitamin E, Kokum Butter, Wheatgerm Oil

AGE GUIDANCE: For adults


  • CALENDULA OIL, with its strong anti-inflammatory properties soothes the area and reduces pain
  • NATURAL VITAMIN E that prevents skin damage
  • KOKUM BUTTER that restores elasticity and helps prevent degeneration of skin cells and prevents dryness of skin
  • WHEATGERM OIL, rich in Vitamin B6 and many nutrients that nourish and heal skin