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Porridge - Organic Rice Khichdi (200 gm)

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Organic Rice Khichdi is made using a cleanroom technology, that provides the cleanest environment by controlling air and temperature, which in turn controls all the airborne pollutants like dust and microbes.

Organic Rice Khichdi is made with Organic Rice that is carefully roasted along with sprouted Moong Dal and is then mixed with dehydrated Vegetables (carrot, potato, and tomato flakes), Cumin and turmeric powder to enhance the nutrition and flavor that is easily digested. It has no added sugar, salt, and preservatives. It can also be used with a drop of ghee to enhance flavor and nutrition.


10+ Months


Rice, Moong Dal, Dehydrated Vegetables (carrot flakes, potato flakes, tomato flakes), Cumin (jeera) Powder, Turmeric


Made in India


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