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Aditi Adventures Set 1

by Tulika
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Set of 6 books from Tulika from an adventure series.

1.The One-Eyed Monkey: An ant, a monkey, an elephant and a young girl set out to tame a fiery dragon! There is fun and adventure in this ‘fairy-tale' that stands convention on its head. Written by Suniti Namjoshi, illustrated by Shefalee Jain ,84 pp, ISBN 9788186896136.

2.The Thames Dragon: The postal parrot brings a cryptic letter with a British stamp addressed to ‘Aditi and Friends' — an urgent plea for help. The four friends rush to London, and find themselves on prime time news! Written by Suniti Namjoshi, illustrated by Shefalee Jain 64 pp, ISBN 9788186895573.

3.The Marine Sage: On a visit to Australia, there is much excitement with hi-tech gadgets and journeys underwater and on dragon back. Only the elephant is worried — will she finally find her name? Written by Suniti Namjoshi, illustrated by Shefalee Jain 84 pp, ISBN 9788188733293.

4.The Techno Sage: The four, along with the lion cub, are off to Canada with a message for the Techno Sage, who has sealed her island with an impenetrable shield. An adventure with a scientific twist! Written by Suniti Namjoshi, illustrated by Shefalee Jain 76 pp, ISBN 9788181461612.

5.The Vesuvian Giant: Goldie the dragon is missing! Following a clue, the friends head to Cumae in Italy where they meet the Sybil who knows everything, and the tantrum-throwing Vesuvian Giant. Written by Suniti Namjoshi, illustrated by Shefalee Jain 68 pp, ISBN 9788181463425.

6.Meeting Grendel: Aditi’s grandmother is ill and only a certain rose will cure her. The quest takes the friends to Devon where they meet a boy who lives under the sea and can’t remember anything. Written by Suniti Namjoshi, illustrated by Shefalee Jain 72 pp, ISBN 9788181464361.

Contains: 6 books

Format: Paperback


8 to 10 years






The Nestery is proud to present Tulika’s imaginatively created children’s books, which pioneered a fresh wave in Indian publishing in 1996. An independent publishing house based in Chennai, Tulika's focus is on children's picture books in English and other Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali — so that more children can access books in the language of their choice. Tulika titles offer a range of experiences and are inclusive and representative of different childhoods, of different social milieus, of different cultural contexts. The visual language too is diverse, with the traditional alongside the contemporary.

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