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Folktales of India Combo (Set of 5)

by Tulika
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Set of 5 book from Tulika for ages 4 -7 years.

1.Wrestling Mania: Big, burly Tarlochan is a champion wrestler, eager for some real challenge. The pictures for this robust folk fantasy from Punjab imbibe the spirit of its fun-loving feisty people. Phulkari, 'flower-work' embroidery typical of Punjab, adds richness to the illustrations. Written by Sandhya Rao, illustrated by Srividya Natarajan, 24 pp, ISBN 9788186838778.

2.Sweet And Salty: A gentle folktale from Andhra Pradesh about the magic of stories with illustrations derived from the style and colours of Kondapalli toys of Andhra Pradesh. Written by Sandhya Rao, illustrated by Srividya Natarajan, 24 pp, ISBN 9788186838808.

3.Eyes On The Peacock Tail: With illustrations adapted from the traditional parh paintings, this is a story from Rajasthan about how the peacock got "eyes" on its tail. Written by Vayu Naidu, illustrated by Mugdha Sethi,24 pp, ISBN 9788186838273.

4.Hiss, Don't Bite!: A bad tempered snake learns the secret of life from a wandering monk. The charming, evocative drawings are adapted from the Kalighat style of painting popular in Bengal. Written by Vayu Naidu, illustrated by Mugdha Sethi, 24 pp, ISBN 9788186838310.

5.Magic Vessels: MA poor playwright in search of a job loses his way in the jungle and falls asleep under a tree…. A story from Tamil nadu with pictures in the Ayyanar style. Written by Vayu Naidu, illustrated by Mugdha Sethi, 24 pp, ISBN 9788186838297.

Contains: 5 books

Format: Paperback


4 to 7 years






The Nestery is proud to present Tulika’s imaginatively created children’s books, which pioneered a fresh wave in Indian publishing in 1996. An independent publishing house based in Chennai, Tulika's focus is on children's picture books in English and other Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali — so that more children can access books in the language of their choice. Tulika titles offer a range of experiences and are inclusive and representative of different childhoods, of different social milieus, of different cultural contexts. The visual language too is diverse, with the traditional alongside the contemporary.

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