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Newborn Simpl Diaper Cover - Berry Special

Original price Rs. 395.00 - Original price Rs. 650.00
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Rs. 395.00
Rs. 395.00 - Rs. 650.00
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This diaper cover provides the waterproof layer needed to keep your child's clothing dry when using cloth diapers. 

Ideal for new-born and infants from 0 to 12 months (2 to 10 kgs)

A Diaper cover should be used with flats, cloth nappies, fitted diapers or prefolds. 

While using a diaper cover, you can just replace the inserts/prefolds every 2-3 hours, and re-use the diaper cover after wiping. 

If pooped, you will need to replace the diaper cover. 

On an average, you will need 2-3 diaper covers per day. 

Green Diapers SimpL Diaper Covers also have snaps to attach the insert to the diaper so that it does not move.


New-born and infants from 0 to 12 months (2 to 10 kgs)