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Into The Wild - Foldout Book

Rs. 399.00

Before babies learn to walk, talk, crawl, grab and sit up, they first take in the world around them. They can't see very well at this stage and work on their visual focus and develop visual perception. High-contrast visuals are the best for newborns to focus on visual stimuli.Prop them up by their bedside, changing table or even during their tummy time ,It's a Matte laminated with stand little hands.

These cards help babies in learning to focus on patterns and edges. The whimsical characters become their first buddies and introduction to the world when they start exploring around later. Not just that, the book doubles up as their first safe play object later as walls or fort when they start playing around! 

How These Cards Help :

1. Visual focus and development

2. Engagement and exploration

3. Enable a sense of calm and soundness

4. Invites conversation between adults and babies by engaging them


8 inches x 48 inches




100% Organic Cotton