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Play and Learn Box - Level 10 (28-30 Months)

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Fine Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Language Development
Language Development
Practical Life Skills
Practical Life Skills

Your baby can now select and carry the toys he or she loves the most, while walking, tiptoeing and jumping. He or she can also be of a little help (and nuisance!) in the kitchen, as unzipping and opening jars is no big deal. Juice, candy and jam are all friends. He or she can also do simple jigsaw puzzles, match more shapes, and make four-word sentences ('look at the birdie!'). The complex of concept of cause and effect is being simply understood through actions like turning lights on and off. Time, too, is becoming a reality. Try telling your baby that he can open his play and learn box after lunch, and enjoy the delight of comprehension.

  • natural tower

A classic Montessori manipulative, the natural tower helps a child in understanding the concept of size in three dimensions. It develops the child's muscular and hand-eye coordination as blocks are placed one upon the other, in a decreasing configuration of size, to make a tower.

  • cutting play set

A realistic cutting set for fruits and vegetables, this toy stimulates the child's imagination and promotes physical and intellectual development. It encourages the child to explore, participate in pretend play scenarios and introduces the concept of part and whole.

The cutting play set comes with a wooden safety knife for children to cut the toys of fruits and vegetables, having no sharp edge. wooden stick creativity

Light weight and smooth, our wooden sticks enhance the child's imagination and creativity, stimulates basic spatial thinking, and improves building techniques. The smooth finish protects the child and the slender shape makes it easy for them to grasp and sit for endless hours, playing around and creating new imageries.

  • felt creativity mats

A unique product developed by the yellohippo educational partner, the felt creativity mat is a wonderful learning activity that children will love. It develops hand-eye coordination, basic logic skills, imagination and story telling skills. It ignites the child to create a small world play scene, where imagination can create limitless stories.

The felt play mat is handmade and consists of a felt board and small felt accessories that can be placed on the board and woven into stories.

  • world cuisine flash cards

The Montessori flash cards increase interaction with children in home school learning. It aids communication skills and helps encourage an explorative mind set

This set includes 12 different nomenclature cards.

The flash cards are printed on heavy cardstock paper and laminated for extra durability.

Note: Small parts! Please ensure adult supervision at all times.


Natural Tower, Cutting Play Set, Wooden Stick, Flat Creative Board, 12 World Cuisine Flash Cards, Sticker Book


38 cm x 38 cm x 13 cm


28-30 Months


Wood / Felt / Cotton Cloth / Paper




The Nestery presents yellohippo , a brand that is the best of school in a box. Based on the holistic Montessori approach to childhood education, these personalized play and learn boxes facilitate thoughtful, creative playtime to develop your child’s mind from the very first months to the first few years of life.