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Play and Learn Box - Level 2 (4-6 Months)

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Fine Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Musical Skills
Musical Skills
Sensory Play
Sensory Play

Now, your baby is gaining hand control, possibly grasping objects,and probably mesmerized by your hair!

This is thanks to that inferior pincer grip that is developing, now strong enough to grasp at a small toy. While he or she is becoming more of a handful, awareness is growing: language and song absorption is taking place, as are basic observations of people.

Your baby can imitate expressions, enjoy lullabies, and echo singsong conversations: all delightful things! The play and learn box celebrates this stage, which marks new milestones in touch, play, and understanding.

  • montessori grasping ball

Our grasping ball is inspired by Montessori pedagogy. It is designed so that the baby can grab the padded protrusions between his fingers and develop fine motor skills. Because of its shape, the ball does not roll away from the baby, allowing hours of joy and playtime. The grasping ball is hand stitched, in soft cotton fabric in a safe and sanitised environment.

  • Mobile Soft toys

Our baby hanging mobile toys help in developing eye-hand coordination and motor skills. They are handcrafted beautifully in different shapes, colours, and textures. They can be used to provide endless hours of joy when hung from our tripod gym or can be used individually as snuggle toys for the baby.

The hanging toys are hand stitched from natural fabric in a safe and sanitised environment.

  • dumb-bell rattle

Our baby rattle helps the baby to focus his attention on the source of the sound. It gives him a sense of direction and helps in handeye coordination as the baby try's and grasps the rattle

The rattle is handcrafted in natural wood and helps in sensorial development, giving the baby a lovely tactile experience.

  • inter-locking disc

Our interlocking discs are one of the first developmental toys, teaching the grasping reflex to the baby as he learns to handle the material and even transfer it from hand to hand. These discs are not glued together and interlock with each other like a puzzle, allowing the baby to practice fine motor skills. Further, the design of this item allows it to gently roll away when placed on the floor - encouraging your little one to chase after it once he has started crawling!

  • super fruits flash cards

The Montessori flash cards increase interaction with children in home school learning. It aids communication skills and helps encourage an explorative mindset. This set includes 12 different nomenclature cards.

The flash cards are printed on heavy cardstock paper and laminated for extra durability.

  • Rolling pin

The rolling pin is Ideal to play, develop motor skills, coordination, agility and soothe the baby with serene sounds. When shaken, wooden balls click together and make a soft rattling sound that catches the baby's attention and comforts him. This is a classic rolling toy designed to entice a baby just beginning to crawl to go after it. The rolling pin is handcrafted with natural wood in a safe and sanitized environment. The interlocking disc are handcrafted in natural wood in a safe and sanitised environment

Note: Small parts! Please ensure adult supervision at all times.


Rolling Pin, 3 Animal Soft Toys, Dumble Rattle, Clutch Grasping Ball, Interlocking Disc, Triangular Ball, 12 Flash Cards


32 cm x 28 cm x 14 cm


4-6 Months


Wood / Felt / Cotton Cloth / Paper




The Nestery presents yellohippo , a brand that is the best of school in a box. Based on the holistic Montessori approach to childhood education, these personalized play and learn boxes facilitate thoughtful, creative playtime to develop your child’s mind from the very first months to the first few years of life.